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Timothy's Kona Blend Coffee | 24 K-Cups
               Kona Blend
Timothy's Italian Blend Coffee | 24 K-Cups
               Italian Blend
Timothy's Breakfast Blend Coffee | 24 K-Cups
               Breakfast Blend
Coffee People Donut Shop | 24 K-Cups
               Donut Shop
Timothy's Original Donut Blend | 24 K-Cups
               Donut Blend
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Coffee Concentrate

Concentrate Coffee Mix For Commercial Coffee Machines


Coffee Concentrate -Nescafe 100% Colombia liquid coffee concentrate is a bag in box liquid coffee designed to fit in the Nestle proprietary equipment.  It is a shelf stable product.  Store at Room Temperature.  Product is packed as Bag in Box concentrate for a closed equipment system.  It eliminates waste - makes just as much coffee as required.  Eliminates filters and grounds for less mess with nothing to dump.  NESCAFES Patented process separates and captures the Pure Aroma and flavor of coffee. Unique roasting process ensures that every cup served is rich-tasting and delicious. has the products you need for commercial coffee brewing.  Cool Brew is available in many fine grocery stores across the country. Small independent grocery chains and a growing number of mainstream supermarkets are now carrying our market-leading brand. Cool Brew is located in the dairy section or refrigerated area of the store. This fresh coffee concentrate is being requested continuously as awareness of this innovation continues. Cool Brew is available in seven varieties and two convenient sizes and is available in consumer-friendly portion control packages.  Call us today.  1-877-423-8327